The secret to the success of this concept lies in the combination of a live band with the vast possibilities of a DJ.

It creates a musical collaboration with literally unlimited styles of music and a repertoire to fulfil any taste.

Our crew consists of the most sort after DJ´s on the scene. After the live music show and during the breaks you will never find the dancefloor empty, they will take care of an infectious party spirit. Anytime the style requires a boost the DJ will support the live band in the show and complete the musical experience.

The DJ & More Team also consists of incredibly talented dancers and choreographers. They tempt the audience to find new moves and will deliver a high-performance and enjoyment on the dancefloor.

This combination is the ideal solution for smaller locations with no space or budget for a bigger band. A variety of singers, percussion and saxophone are the ideal addition to the DJ & More Concept.


There are many ways to define space, people and themes and to set the scene.

We work together with selected partners in the field of stage design and a highly qualified technical team, that can transform any space with high-performance light & projection systems, LED technology and customized content management in vivid, spectacular scenes.

Our sound partners use the latest technology and best trained personnel to build an important part of our concept.